Stephan Heller presents new definitive book of direct democracy "Verhindern und ermöglichen"

NOlympia, no third runway, no wind turbines and away with the industry. Every time citizens are making decisions on their own they’re retarding things down. Always? And everywhere? Is our society blocking its own future? And what happens when more direct democracy will be evolved in the future?

It’s about time for the first german definitive book to answer comprehensively all the current and fundamental question about direct democracy.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Heller, founder and owner of the famous communication agency heller & partner, summarised decades-long experience and a solid base of knowledge to a compendium, which highlights public participation from different perspectives.

He clarifies judicial surrounding conditions of co-determination, describes the development of building law and the functionality of public resistance. In step with actual practice he defines driving factors for the formation of citizens’ initiatives, petitions and’ decisions. Reaction-schemes to politics, media, proponents and antagonists are also uncovered and are realized through real cases.

The second part of the book is devoted to the work of communication around public participation. Stephan Heller himself worked with his agency for several public participations – and won more than 80 percent of them. He knows the pitfalls, the effective procedures and the factor of success. For the first time, he shares with this book this valuable practical knowledge with a broad audience. Twenty case examples from all parts of Germany complete the compendium.

A highlight of each chapter is a prominent guest comment: Bavaria’s secretary of Interior Joachim Herrmann, SZ-author Gerhard Matzig, Swiss correspondent Ulrich Schmid, president of the architecture chamber Lutz Heese and journalist Peter Issig complete Stephan Hellers demonstrations from very personal point of views.

"Verhindern und ermöglichen – the power of direct democracy", a late-breaking and at the same moment timeless book that is going to be the basic equipment of politicians, investors, developers, planers, proponents and antagonists. 

More information: www.verhindern-ermoeglichen.de

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