"SIE - Bavaria's Women" The finals of a state-wide dialogue and encounter

The discussion series "SIE - Bavaria women" with State Minister Christine Haderthauer and support by heller & partner goes into the final of 2010. After the eight exciting rounds of talks in Passau, Nuremberg, twice Munich, Oberstaufen, Bamberg, Würzburg and Miltach "invites SIE - Bavaria women" now together with hostess Susanne Meinhard, Executive Director of Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich, all the women involved, to the great annual gala .


Highlight of the evening was a panel discussion of the ambassadors: Susanne Meinhard, Executive Director of Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich

Susan Heller, managing director heller & partner communication GmbH, Monika leader, head of children's palliative care Klinikum Grosshadern, Renate Braun, CEO of Sparkasse Passau and Sabine Weyermann, Director Weyermann Malting with Minister Christine Haderthauer on topics that "women" move. The consensus was found: "We need a greater appreciation of all female lifestyles - and we women can do!" Said Haderthauer.


Bavaria's Minister Christine Haderthauer, while women's representative of the Bavarian State Government describes the goal of the SIE series of talks this way: "The key to approaches and solutions lies in ourselves. Here we need to focus on the diverse lifestyles and achievements of women in Bavaria. Why is my personal exchanges with women from different areas - family, business, science, culture and society - and from all regions of Bavaria's heart. With their experience and perspectives they bring, each in its own way forward, women's policy issues. Together we can explore new ways to move out of the mainstream of society, to challenge attitudes and to find solutions."


Host Susanne Meinhard emphasizes the progress that could be triggered in the gender debate: "women have in recent decades achieved much for equality, and so it has become easier for my and future generations to meet their personal career goals. Nevertheless, we must now check that the equality is also guaranteed continued We continue to live in a male-dominated business world -.. and still in some minds there is the traditional roles for men and women Luckily, this traditional gender roles and more rare."


Social Affairs, Christine Haderthauer interspersed with the dialogue at the organizational support of heller & partner. Together with the Ministry of Social event concepts are developed, which constitute an optimal width effect women's policy issues. heller & partner takes him under its 2011/2012 and the complete organization of all regional and final events. The challenge is to create the right connection between policy on the one side and personal life journeys on the other in dialogue.

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