MINI E electrifies the Bavarian financial minister Georg Fahrenschon

The electrically powered car, MINI E, is conquering the streets of Munich within a large-scaled test driving programme, in which the drivers are asked to test the car and its driving concept in daily routines. The Bavarian financial minister, Georg Fahrenschon, has been one of the chosen test drivers for the electric car built by MINI. What awaits the financial minister and all the other test drivers?

The electrical car lasts up to 250 kilometres with zero tail pipe emission. It can speed up to 150 km/h and accelerates with its 204 HP within 8,5 seconds form 0 to 100 km/h.

And what if the power ceases? Just charge the car at a normal power plug or at one of the charging stops that provide eco-friendly power made by hydropower stations.

The large-scaled test programme that includes 600 cars worldwide is expected to provide useful data that will speed up the development of an electrically powered serial model.

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