How to properly use the economic prosperity – The theme in “Stadtgespräch” on münchen.tv

Do you feel the economic prosperity? Yes? Then you are in vogue. We could feel many positive factors within the last year: a new job, a higher income, or more sales. But what is behind it? We researched the issue and prepared the theme "economic prosperity".

The sustainability of the recovery and how everyone can use it for themselves, is what our guests StM George Fahrenschon, Harald Strötgen and Dr. Eberhard Sasse talk about. As representatives of politics, banks and businesses they answer the questions about this theme from their perspectives.

The Opernstube of the Spatenhaus and the atrium of the Stadtsparkasse Munich serve as a striking scenery. Two recognizable originals of Munich.

Two places, a broadcast and a concept that was constantly developed and improved by heller & partner. With box office films, the program is confered a structure and additional entertainment value is created.

We took a look behind the scenes and in a making of we show you the origin of the broadcast. heller & partner wishes you good entertainment.

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