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The latest results of the general meeting 2010, the reform of the copyright and GEMA in web 2.0: The current issue of the GEMA members’ magazine offers its readers back- ground reports, retrospections on the most important events as well as trends in politics and the music industry. Once again virtuos manages to inform 60,000 GEMA members in an entertaining way. The title story deals with the fascinating links between music and sports and how they influence each other. Furthermore virtuos takes a look behind the scenes of the Eurovision Song Contest, presents the latest trends in musical instruments and gets a first look on the new home of the German music archive where all of the GEMA members’ music is collected. virtuos uses an uncommon layout and reports in a critical and exciting way.

Topics with current relevance, opinion-forming articles, news about rights and duties of the members, top news – the recent issue of virtuos once again offers its readers plenty of reading matter:

  • To organize: The general meeting has discussed and decided. virtuos reports on the decisions, honors and the awarding of the Fred Jay Prize at the members’ celebration.

  • A never ending story: The most exciting stories from 60 years of GEMA news.

  • The first public appearance: virtuos presents the GEMA project for promoting junior talents in North Rhine Westphalia.

  • Music detectives at work: The Richards Strauss institute in Garmisch-Partenkirchen creates an extensive online database.
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