Five tips for the successful use of Social Media

Social Media is on everyone’s lips. Many companies already risked the step into the new media. But there’s often a feeling of disillusion after the first euphoria. The initial growing number of fans stagnates. What to do? Connect the world of Social Media with your existing communication.
Here are five basic tips, which can be implemented immediately:

1. Connect your website with social media tubes.Your website is your virtual face to clients, applicants and potential clients. They will check out your homepage to get an impression of your company. You can easily integrate Social Media buttons, which are linked to the corresponding pages. The effort is manageable, but the effect is huge: You gain new fans and show your interest in modern ways of communication.

2. Use your email signature.
Upgrade your company’s email signature. On which tubes you communicate can be shown by using buttons and icons of social media. Link the icons with the corresponding URL and give your email-recipients the chance to experience your communication platform.

3. Upgrade your business cards.Not only personal data like name, e-mail address and telephone number can be communicated via business cards, it is also possible to communicate your preferred social network. What about a QR code, which is directly linked with your site? Or alternatively a QR code with your address and your social media link.

4. Advertising media is also there for Social Media.
No matter if ad placements, flyers, brochures or posters. However you communicate your message, always refer to your social media site. In this way interested persons pay their attention to modern communication channels and have the possibility to contact you directly.

5. Public relation comes along with social media.
The handing over of a cheque, events, speeches, competitions or special offers? Use social media actively to promote existing campaigns. Organize competitions on Facebook, report live from events and offer for your fans special “fans-only”-goodies like credit vouchers or other benefits.

Social Media is a new channel for your communication, but doesn’t obligatory require new media. Integrate your existing programs and connect your media.

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