We are shaping the future

We are shaping the future of large companies, political and economic projects - but especially the youngest, before which is still so much to the future, often not even their own lives. Helping kids to look into a better future, for it is brighter and committed partner. They also help to support sustainably, auxiliary programs and campaigns, and so the commitment of many volunteers to give even more support.

Helping Munich!

Even in such a wealthy city like Munich, there is abject poverty. This affects young and old, families and children who come to barely make ends meet. The Foundation "Helping Munich" will fight this need and ensure that Munich for all who live here, life is worth.

The first funding project will benefit children in Munich, who have no sports apparel to be able to participate in school sports. Therefore, the founders have already collected 155,000 euros. From this sum of 50 € vouchers 3100 through the Social Services Department, City of Munich will be distributed to needy children. With these vouchers can be purchased earmarked sports clothing for children at the Kaufhof at Marienplatz.

What is special about "Helping Munich" is that companies and individuals willing to explain to donate a portion of their profits or income for a good cause. The more companies participate, the more is known, the Foundation, the closer the connection between the local economy and the Munich-based support program.

Donate to patrons who agree to provide the foundation for three years at least 10,000 euros, a member board of trustees. This includes already: Dr. Rudolf Gröger, Prof. Dr. Roland Berger, Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda, Klaus Dittrich, State Minister George Fahrenschon, Alexander Hofmann, Urban Planning Councillor Elisabeth Merk, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Sasse and Minister of State Martin Zeil.

Dr. Stephan Heller is personally one of the new foundation: "I​​'m in Munich, born and raised here, and I feel happy the city closely and wants to give back some of the warmth and prosperity, I have learned here.."

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