Tyczka Totalgaz

Tyczka Totalgaz, Germany’s leading liquefied petroleum gas specialist with its headquarters in Geretsried near Munich, offers solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer. A market leader in the mineral oil industry, it combines the refinery capacities of a large corporation with the flexibility of a medium-sized company: a decisive advantage for the customer, which Tyczka Totalgaz is extending even further through a combination of know-how and innovative strength.

To communicate image and vision of the new Tyczka Totalgaz in a very attentive and special image-brochure.

The new Tyczka image-brochure causes strong pictures in our heads. It tells us what Tyczka achieves, which background the company has, which aims it pursues, which services it offers. The concept counts on excitement. Strong large motives with short and clear explaining texts, a fast reading-level. The image-brochure reports chapter after chapter. Each chapter ends with a multi-picture – a collage which tells about the variety, which concentrates and which arouses some personnel figment of imagination concretely. And the brochure has a good name. The Tyczka Totalgaz Energy Book.

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