Tierpark Hellabrunn

The zoo was opened in 1911 Hellabrunn first time and is one of the main attractions of Munich. In 1928 the zoo for the first Geo-Zoo in the world and is now one of the most attractive and most modern zoos in Europe.

After 25 years, wants the Hellabrunn make its Communications division. With the help of a meaningful new print campaign will want to be woken on a zoo visit.

heller & partner positioned as the Hellabrunn Zoo, where you can experience a lot and discover extraordinary. The exceptional print campaign relies entirely on the entertainment value of a visit to the zoo - with the motto: "The real excitement is just real life - much more exciting than movies and television".

Visualized is the variety of impressions through expressive animal motifs. With a twinkle in his eye suggests the campaign is a bridge to the popular media and television formats: So get "Talk Show", "Love Story" and "entertainer" their very own zoo-dimension and challenge the viewers to the real live highlights of the zoo to . discover

Parallel to the print campaign will be a uniform appearance and a new guidance system that guides visitors through the zoo reliable.

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