Thomas Cook

To inform 13,000 employees of German travel agencies, that from summer 2003 on the tour operators Kreutzer Touristik and terramar will belong to Thomas Cook. Aim was, to develop a campaign which presents Thomas Cook as an integrative and strong travel business brand. The responsiveness should be surprising and unusual, should raise curiosity and make the tour operators` go together a good experience. The logo and the claim ýEnjoy every momentý were predetermined.

heller & partner created three creative lines, each with the adequate communication strategy. The principle of every line is: to arouse interest, to make the message an adventure and have a lasting effect - with exciting teasers, each one with an active part, for example lottery, singing contest or intranet-competition and the chance for great prizes. Each of the three lines conciliates: Thomas Cook is a new, strong travel business brand, which taps the whole synergy potential and is always good for a surprise. Result: Someone who conveys Thomas Cook journeys convinces his clients with the deciding plus of effort.

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