Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is an IT company with a history, a pioneer in countless developments. For its highly specific jobs, Texas Instruments is searching for qualified employees. The aim is a new personnel image campaign with strong impact which further increases the quality of applications by addressing potential employees even more directly.

More than 35 years ago, Texas Instruments introduced the first electronic pocket calculator. Even today, most people associate exactly these products with the name of Texas Instruments. But the portfolio of the US company is much larger, growing year by year. In short: the technologies made by Texas Instruments are part of our everyday life - and this is what we show in the new campaign.

Whoever wants to make visions come true, whoever wants to set something in motion as a company needs powerful employees – committed, responsible, loyal, enjoying what they do. With the new ads, we create a lively image and convey the philosophy of Texas Instruments at first glance. „Make it come true“ – heller & partner staged this motto with high impact in a photo-shooting. Simultaneously, the ads pinpoint all specific job requirements. The number of qualified applications rose significantly.

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