Münchner Bank actively meets the future

Münchner Bank is the oldest and one of the largest credit union banks in Bavaria. It has been existing for over 140 years. A constant and respectable business policy and three mergers have lead to a continuous increase of power output. In over 36 branches in and around Munich the bank offers to its customers the complete range of the current financial services. Its special focus is on the support of small-scale companies and retail banking customers. The corporate business partners in the insurance, bond and real estate sector broaden the choice by additional interesting products.

Competition increases at the banking center of Munich. Many banks compete for the customers in and around Munich. Offers of online banks sharpen the business competition. In order to play in the upper league in future the course must be set today. Münchner Bank has realized this and commissions heller & partner to support it strategically and operationally in the external appearance as well as in the internal process flows.

heller & partner divides the consulting mandate in three key tasks. 

The first task is: absorbing and analyzing. The agency seizes the current state, talks to employees, watches processes, senses capacities. From the analysis heller & partner derives recommendations and presents them to the bank. In an active dialogue with the bank those recommendations are further substantiated and improved. 

The third task involves the actual optimization. heller & partner is responsible for the concrete measures of transformation which are a result of the recommendation catalogue. The development of a new image belongs to the measures which are realized quickly: the agency develops a new corporate design manual and takes part in the rearrangement of all organizational means and means of communication. The new imagery “people in Munich” is a symbol for the regional strength and the strong relation to the customer. Dialogue measures and public relations are optimized. Long term projects for example allude to process optimizations as well as acquisition tools and sales tools respectively. In the course of the cooperation heller & partner likewise takes the responsibility for this years annual report.

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