Markt + Technik

For more than 25 years the publishing company Markt+Technik has been providing support for beginners and professionals when it comes to mastering their computers. More than 100 specialist books are published every year under the rainbow logo. As one of the leading publishers of computer books in the German-speaking area Markt+Technik offers a unique range of technical knowledge. Markt+Technik is a publishing company of Pearson Education Deutschland GmbH.

How to be even more successful as market leader? Markt+Technik took on this challenge. The publishing company has been market leader in computer literature sector since 25 years, publishing more than 350 new publications annually. To retain its leading position in strongly contested predatory competition, the publishing house expanded its product range by the PC-Advisor segment. And simultaneously it expanded its core competence in the PC literature sector.

Markt+Technik, the publishing house with the rainbow: the ideal, reliable and direct problem-solver of all questions right around the computer and advisor in the field of counselling. Markt+Technik is at eye level with its readers and gives time and attention to their requirements.

This positioning was reproduced through the publishing house's logo with the slogan "Reach for the Rainbow". Together with the newly created character of "Max Possible" the slogan incites sympathy of both end-users and booksellers. And it ensures a high degree of brand recognition in the field of publishing house advertisement.

Markt+Technik's market re-launch becomes known through b-to-c and b-to-b communication activities. heller & partner designs and creates advertisements, which appear in the professional titles. heller & partner accompanies the 25th anniversary communicatively through PoS activities, radio-broadcast spot, sales magazine as well as through trade advertisement. Complete catalogue consisting of all 550 titles will be published before the CeBIT 2002.

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