Maison de la France

Maison de la France, established in 1987, is an association promoting France as a tourist destination. It arranges partnerships between individual economic partners. Its main headquarters are located in Paris. Maison de la France has a total of 280 employees in 28 countries.

Maison de la France, the French tourist office in Germany, conveys interesting facts about France beyond all clich´s. Whoever wants to travel to our neighbours can inquire there, and he/she will receive competent information on all travelling matters. The “doorplate” of Maison de la France is the magazine “Frankreich entdecken” (Discovering France), packed with interesting facts and entertaining stories for a holiday in France.

To bring the magazine to being, heller & partner set out on a big journey. The journalists travelled a long way to various locations in France to do research, to take photographs and, on the side, to canvass for ad customers. Meanwhile their colleagues at home worked out a fresh, new design. Together they finally created a magazine that throws light on the various facets of France, that opens up new perspectives and that puts people in the mood for travelling. “Frankreich entdecken” is published with 96 pages and a circulation of 80,000 copies.

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