Landkreis München

A Landkreis (administrative district) is a company in the wider sense of the word: its customers include a wide variety of target groups ranging from citizens through investors and guests to multipliers like journalists, teachers and politicians.

A “Landkreis” (administrative district in Germany) has no customers as such, a “Landkreis” has citizens, investors, guests, multipliers. The objective of image marketing for Landkreis München is to make these target groups feel enthusiastic about the region and to pinpoint the cultural and economic diversity of the surroundings of Munich.

The books „Lebensraum Landkreis München“ and „Wissenschaft, Lehre und Forschung im Landkreis München“ („Science, education and research in Landkreis München“) present a region, its people, its ideas, its peculiarities. They inform about its importance for science: about its universities, research institutes and centers of technology such as the Max Planck institute, the “Technische Universität” and the “Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften”. It makes you want to read, it makes you feel astonished - in Germany and abroad. heller & partner thus describes Landkreis München in all of its diversity.

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