infineon technologies

Infineon Technologies AG was founded in 1999 by spinning off the semiconductor business of Siemens AG. With approximately 2,800 inventions and 1,600 patent applications per year, the company is number three in Germany behind Siemens and Bosch. In the global semiconductor competition, speed, flexibility and communicative structures of central importance.

Infineon is now distributed to about ten sites in Munich. To shorten the way to create a climate of innovation, and retaining the best employees to the company, Infineon is planning a new headquarters in the southern district of Munich: 200,000 sq m of office space for 5,000 employees on a 62 ha plot. The project is one of the largest worldwide corporate headquarters being planned. The aim is to achieve building regulations in the regional green space and communicate the project through all stages of planning and building sustainably.

heller & partner is planned as the headquarters campus named "Campeon" and creates its own "site-personality". Concept and value of Campeon communicates heller & partner is sustained to all relevant target groups - and with all the dialogue instruments such as Citizen's Advice Bureau, telephone information line, individual presentations in the regional environment, Internet, employee information, newsletters, information meetings, public relations and neighborhood communication.

Common thread of communication is the ongoing conversation: with decision makers, opinion leaders, local residents and also with critical citizens. Through sustainable living and communicating corporate citizenship Infineon today enjoys a high reputation throughout the environment. Campeon is ready for occupancy in late 2005 - with their own day care center and public park.

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