Grammer Automotive

Grammer AG is one of the world’s largest component suppliers to the automobile industry. The company is one of the leading firms in the development and manufacture of components for interior fittings for passenger cars as well as driver and passenger seats. Its customers include all the major German car manufacturers; for example, Grammer produces arm rests and head restraints for BMW.

The international automotive market is dynamic and marked by clear competitive conditions. This also challenges the suppliers for this market - in terms of innovation, creativity and operating excellence. Grammer Automotive offers outstanding performance internationally. The task for heller & partner communication is to position the company with its strengths on the market and to design the brand profile in a consistent way.

heller & partner communication developed an integrated communication concept: ads and brochures for presenting the products for interior fittings of cars developed by Grammer Automotive, the company profile, the presentation of Grammer Automotive business services, international trade fair presentations and a TV oriented PR strategy. The design idea focuses on human beings, because the employees of Grammer Automotive think and act for human safety and comfort in the automobile - creativity for people.

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