essex pharma

essex pharma is the German subsidiary of the internationally operating US company Schering-Plough Corporation, one of the biggest and most innovative pharmaceutical corporations throughout the world. Schering-Plough has a corporate culture that can be summed up in one clear basic principle: “Winning people’s trust, every day”. A high aim. Schering-Plough achieves it – and with it so does essex pharma.

essex pharma is the German subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough - with more than 650 employees in Germany and 30,000 worldwide. The company´s objective is to create quality for life - especially for the lives of chronically ill people. For example in fields of therapy like hepatology, immunology, cardio-vascular therapy, oncology, allergy/respiration system and drug substitution. The task is to create a corporate identity beyond individual products that has a strong impact internally and externally, sustainably setting essex apart from the competition and helping to win market share.

heller & partner develops a new, strong brand profile for essex pharma, based on the themeline 'Impulses for Life'. The starting signal is a central visionary event for all German employees - “Impulses for Life” is going to be the thread through communication, beyond individual fields of therapy. The stringent corporate design with the characteristic impulse curve consistently penetrates all of the company´s visualizations: from business equipment via personal impulse communication (internal and external) up to product communication in packaging, support of sales staff and PR. So essex pharma actively chooses the path of positioning itself sustainably as a quality partner for doctors, clinics and all opinion leaders in health-care politics.

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