Landeshauptstadt München Direktorium

„Live and let live“ – this is not just a motto for the State Capital of Munich, it is a lived commitment. As employer and public opinion leader, the Coordination bureau for homosexual ways of life commits itself to making the equal rights for all people come true which are established in the Basic Law of Germany.

If even Aids is hardly an issue anymore – who cares for equal rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people? What is more: Many citizens consider themselves tolerant – but they are not. For the persons affected, discrimination is an everyday experience – in their job, in their private environment, in their leisure time. The task of the campaign is to get the topic of discrimination back into people’s awareness without recurring to the usual stereotypes which would reinforce the existing role images.

The aim of the campaign is a change of views on a large scale. It begins right where discrimination starts: in the head. With the motto „Discrimination starts in the head!“, completely different backs of heads are shown. It’s here in the heads that discrimination takes place, here is the reason why gay, lesbian and transgender people do not want to show their „true“ face and often react with invisibility, reserve, avoidance and caution.

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