Caterpillar, one of the largest industrial groups worldwide, is primarily known for its construction. In addition, the company is active in nearby areas of business. Sun Caterpillar marine engines produced for decades and also completed his bandwidth with the integration of the Kiel MaK marine engine builder.

For the Commercial Marine Power Systems, an image brochure was developed that communicates the successful merger of Caterpillar and MaK and the resulting synergies: Caterpillar is now supplying all types of marine engines, ranging from small yachts to tankers, container or cruise ship.

With the ship's engines for the new Caterpillar Marine Division play with at the forefront on the world market. This strength is symbolized with a one that appears on the chapter of the booklet. In the headlines of the entrance is on the word "One ...". In each case described is a customer benefit that results from the combined power Caterpillar.

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