Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. It ranks among the top group of pharmaceutical companies active in research and offers a number of market-leadership products from the fields of drugs, adjuvant products and food. Its mission is: for more health, for a better life.

Positioning of Bristol-Myers Squibb and its subsidiaries as attractive employers. The response of qualified applicants should be optimised and the vacant positions filled quickly. At the same time the campaign should promote the image of the enterprise.

The personal image campaign is guided by company's basic principle "More health and a better life". It puts its hope in fascination of bringing the personal success in unison with the success of the enterprise. The campaign establishes identification with the company's objectives and values. Credibility of the ad increases upon use of own employees as models - with authentic on site motives. Correlation of personal commitment and company philosophy leads to desired success. More qualitative applications.

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