With its three brands BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group deliberately targets selected premium segments of the international automobile markets – and thus uses the Company’s strengths with a consistency that is unique in its sector. There is an uncompromising orientation on the premium claim from development via production down to the marketing.

Real joy of driving and the mobile experience are of minor importance in the conventional models of the compact class. Now BMW challenges traditional views with an entirely new concept. The BMW 1er breaks the unwritten rules of the compact class. All of a sudden, the driver takes centre stage again – and not just features like vehicle payload and boot/trunk volume. The „principle of joy“ is to be communicated – the new BMW 1er, the only compact model worldwide with rear wheel drive, real joy of driving, and the mobile experience.

The BMW Group pulls out all the stops for the introduction oft the new BMW 1er, hence creating an optimum of synergy. The integrated communication campaign covers advertising, public relations and dialogue communication. One of the highlights is the BMW 1er tour in 22 European metropoles – in Munich, too, of course. For the BMW 1er, testimonials like Kermit the frog, the comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the song „Principle of Joy“ by Thom, a musician from Munich, and the TV commercial all put a smile on everybody’s face. Offers to join the fun can also be found on the Internet.

Before the official introduction on 18th September, about four million magazines tell the customers of the German BMW offices and sales partners about the principle of joy, the same number of dialogue and mailing contacts enhance the effect. The noticeable call for the BMW 1er in the BMW sales organisation is now stronger already than it has ever been before with any other new model premiere.

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