Bayerische Landesärztekammer

The Munich-based Bayrische Landesärztekammer (BLÄK) is the legal representative for all medical practitioners in the state of Bavaria. The organisation takes care of all work-related concerns as well as fostering advanced medical training. In addition, the Landesärztekammer creates social facilities for doctors and their families, and is actively engaged in the public health care sector.

The development of a new corporate design – that’s the task heller & partner was given. The new design is supposed to be consistent, recognisable, memorable, timeless and simple to use. The main attraction: all employees of the Bayrische Landesärztekammer will be informed about the new corporate design and its implementation in a kick-off event, encouraging them to actively utilise it in their daily practice.

To begin with, heller & partner revise the company logo and create a simplified and more modern version that will be applied consistently throughout all corporate divisions. Based on the new logo, heller & partner build a new corporate design for BLÄK. The key feature of the visual implementation is the blue rhombus that also appears in the logo, thus creating an easily recognisable element. Clear outlines for typographic grids, colour options and font types benefit the new ‘face’ of BLÄK. heller & partner also develop sample documents for organisational tools such as letter heads and e-mails that are easy to use and guarantee consistency in all communication processes.

The result: the new corporate design distinguishes BLÄK in all communicative mediums and is actively used by employees throughout their daily practice.

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