Based on one of Oscar Wilde’s epigrams “My taste is quite simple, I always only take the best” – Alpina builds “Automobiles for Gourmets”. The Buchloe-based company is Germany’s smallest automobile manufacturer that is distinguished especially, however, for its exclusivity and strength

For years Alpina has been building exclusive automobiles ”for enthusiastic people“. The company headquartered in Buchloe is Germany's smallest automotive manufacturer. Nevertheless, with regard to exclusiveness and strength, it can pit itself with all big manufacturers without any doubt.

TV commercials are to increase the awareness of the brand name, and to convey what Alpina stands for – “savoir-vivre in the broadest sense of the word ”, according to owner Burkard Bovensiepen. Discreet understatement, powerful engines and loving, exclusive production – these qualities of the BMW ALPINA models were to be reflected in the TV commercial. The BMW ALPINA B7 and the BMW ALPINA ROADSTER S shine in the main roles.

But TV is only one part of Alpina's intermedial strategy. Whereas the TV commercial arouses emotions, the Alpina website quenches the thirst for knowledge and offers plenty of information.

The love for detail characterizes the exclusive automobiles from Buchloe. That is why commercials start with unusual close-ups and end in a powerful atmosphere of light.

The editing is perfectly in tune with the newly arranged and played-in music. Paganini's violin concert No.1 in D major makes people experience the Alpina brand world on an acoustic level. The cheerful, filigree and yet powerful tune underlines the perfection and the dynamics of the automobiles.

From the first ideas via graphic design and the shooting up to the production of the last broadcasting tapes, heller & partner works out Alpina's TV premiere. A thoroughly planned media concept ensures the well-targeted placement of the commercials.

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